Steppingstones to Success: The SIS50321 Diploma of Sport and a Bright Career Ahead 

If you’ve always been passionate about sports and envision a fulfilling career in the field, the SIS50321 Diploma of Sport is your steppingstone to success. This diploma isn’t just a qualification; it’s a comprehensive program that equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in sports, sports development, and sports administration. 

Learning from Sports Industry Experts: 

One of the most remarkable aspects of this diploma is the collaboration with Diamond Fitness. Their expertise, derived from years of experience as professional athletes and contributions to sports research and development, enriches your education. Learning from those who have lived and breathed the sports industry ensures you’re well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 


Upon successful completion of this diploma, graduates are not only equipped for a variety of roles but also earn an ATAR equivalency of 80-83. This opens doors to further education, allowing you to pursue higher studies and delve deeper into your passion. 


Unlock Diverse Career Opportunities:   


The curriculum is designed to provide a balanced blend of theoretical concepts and practical experience. This ensures that you not only understand the intricacies of sports but also have the hands-on skills to succeed. Whether you’re aspiring to be a  

  • Competition Manager 
  • Program Developer,  
  • or any other role within the industry  

The diploma provides a solid foundation. 


Invest in Your Future: 


If you’re ready to turn your passion into a profession, the SIS50321 Diploma of Sport, in collaboration with Diamond Fitness, paves the way for you to enter the world of sports, equipped with practical skills, industry knowledge, and an ATAR equivalency that empowers you to shape your future.  Located at either our Osborne or Thornlie campus, this program caters to students in Western Australia. By studying at our state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll have access to top-notch resources, experienced instructors, and a supportive learning environment.