Career Progression:

CHC33021 Certificate III Individual Support  

Many students want to enter the workforce as soon as they can which is one of the reasons the CHC33021 Certificate III Individual Support is such a great option for gaining entry level access to a career in the health & care industry.


Graduates of the nationally accredited course can enter the workforce immediately working in settings such as:  

  • Retirement homes 
  • Hospitals 
  • Private residences 
  • Nursing homes 
  • Community care organisations 
  • Disability support organisations 
  • Age care facilities 
  • Residential aged care homes 
  • Groups that serve the community 
  • Clinics 
  • Housing Community 


While CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support provides the minimum training required to enter this sector it can also act as a launch pad into further training, and further career progression. The CHC33021 Certificate III in individual support serves as a foundation if you wish to expand your knowledge and career prospects. 


The skill and knowledge you learn from the CHC33021 Certificate III Individual Support course can act as a gateway into further education or training in related fields. Examples of further training opportunities include:  


  • Certificate IV in Ageing Support (which provides the advanced skills required to support those with disabilities, and those affected by dementia and individuals in palliative care),  
  • Certificate IV in Disability (This qualification provides the training & skills needed to assist individuals with disabilities and complex communication needs),  
  • Diploma of Nursing (Graduates of this course have the skills and knowledge needed to work as a nursing assistant or to become a registered nurse), 
  •  Bachelor in Health Science or Social Work (This qualification allows you to hold higher positions in the disability, ageing and community services industry, such as Case Worker, House Manager or Team Leader)  
  • Graduates can also use this Certificate III as a launch pad to upskill into the Medication Administration field and other career paths in health, wellness, nutrition, physiology, and different rewarding career paths. 


CHC33021 Certificate III Individual Support not only allows you to enter the workforce and find secure, meaningful work in enter-level positions such as, a residential aged care worker or a support worker, but it also opens the door to further training and a relatively endless list of career pathways to choose from.


In just 6 weeks of in class training and 120 hors of vocational training you can be well on your way to a career that matters not only to you but to your community.