BSB20115 Certificate II in Business

This qualification reflects the role of individuals in a variety of junior administrative positions who perform a range of mainly routine tasks using limited practical skills and fundamental operational knowledge in a defined context. Individuals in these roles generally work under direct supervision.

12 units are required for award of this qualification including: 1 core unit & 11 elective units.

BSB20115 Certificate II in Business

This BSB20115 Certificate II in Business covers the skills and qualifications required for a variety of entry level administrative positions who perform a range of mainly routine tasks using limited practical skills and fundamental operational knowledge in a defined context.

Designed for students who wish to gain an introduction to an Australian business working environment.

The BSB20115 Certificate II in Business is the next step for someone who has already completed a Certificate 1 program of study and is looking for work. You will learn new or enhanced job-related skills and build your confidence and knowledge of the business and service sector, while developing workplace communication skills. This course focuses on units such as service excellence, working with others, business structures, commercial organisations, and commercial communication, which give you an insight into the commercial environment and help you develop the skills that employers want.

Reasons for Studying

See how the world works

BSB20115 Certificate II in Business course teaches you how the world works. In this course, you’ll explore culture and management–what drives us, what gets in our way, and how tech is changing the way we do business. We’ll teach you about accounting, marketing, decision-making, human resources, leadership, finance, and the global economy.

Learn communication skills

Your ability to express your views clearly and professionally is a key skill for business people. You’ll learn how to present complex ideas in a logical and persuasive manner, expressing your conclusions in a clear, well-organised report. And if you’re presenting to an audience, you’ll learn how to create a good impression by being both effective and convincing.

Transferrable skills

With an education in business, you could use your exceptional organisational, communication, and time-management skills to make your dream happen. Your business education will also provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge of how to handle finances or budget your own money. This means that not only will this certificate help you secure a job, but you can also use these skills should you ever decide to start your own business.

Balance theory and real-world scenarios

With a major in business, you’ll learn theory and tools that will help prepare you for application in the real world. From consumer behaviour to marketing, we’ll teach you how things work (and how they don’t), as well as what business is and how to be successful in it. Plus, you’ll spend plenty of time ‘doing’, including analysing industry scenarios, and developing solutions your projects aimed at taking those theories into practice.

Course Fees

  • $5 Concessional+
  • $10 Non-Concessional+
  • FFS Price**

For a breakdown of the applicable fees, please see our Schedule of Fees.

+ QLD Government funded pricing only. For further information, please click here.

**Please enquire for FFS pricing

Method of Delivery​

At SERO Institute we work with individuals and companies to offer a range of flexible delivery options. Delivered direct to you through our online learning system, via workbooks, in workshops or in a classroom this course is nationally recognised and fully supported by a dedicated trainer.

Entry Requirements

The are no pre-requisites for entry into this course however, candidates are required to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment at application for admission which is used to determine the level of support (if any) that may be required or adjustment needed to the training plan on enrolment.

Course duration

This course will be delivered and assessed in 24 weeks.

Course Features





Skill Level

Year 10




Unit 1.1:   BSBWHS201 – Contribute to health and safety of self and others

Unit 2.1: BSBLED101 – Plan skills development

Unit 2.2: BSBWOR202 – Organise and complete daily work activities

Unit 2.3: BSBWOR203 – Work effectively with others

Unit 2.4: BSBDIV301 – Work effectively with diversity

Unit 2.5: BSBIND201 – Work effectively in a business environment   

Unit 2.6: BSBWOR204 – Use business technology

Unit 2.7: BSBCMM201 – Communicate in the workplace

Unit 2.8: BSBITU203 – Communicate electronically

Unit 2.9: BSBITU201 – Produce simple word-processed documents

Unit 2.10: BSBINN201 – Contribute to workplace innovation

Unit 2.11: BSBCUS201 – Deliver a service to customers

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