Find your way into the world of business

with a Certificate II in Business

Update: We do not currently teach BSB20115 Certificate II in Business (29/11/23)


Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of business administration?  

The BSB20115 Certificate II in Business is your gateway to gaining the essential knowledge and skills needed for entry-level administrative roles. Designed to cover both theoretical understanding and practical skills, this course equips you with the tools to excel in routine administrative duties. 


Transferable skills  


Upon successful completion of this Certificate 2 in Business, graduates possess the foundational knowledge to carry out a range of administrative tasks. From handling documentation to effective communication, you’ll be well-prepared to support the operational aspects of any business. 

Graduates of this Cert 2 in Business find themselves primed for roles across various sectors, from administrative assistants to customer service representatives. The versatility of skills acquired ensures you’re an asset to any team. 


Entry Requirements 


The beauty of this Certificate 2 in Business lies in its accessibility. No prerequisites are required for entry. A Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Assessment during the application process help tailor support based on your needs, ensuring a smooth learning journey. 


Flexible study options


Offered in both online and on-campus formats, this course brings flexibility to your learning experience. With a duration of 24 weeks for full-time study, you’ll be ready to step into the administrative arena. 


Your journey doesn’t end here. Upon completing the BSB20115 Certificate II in Business, you can choose to elevate your qualifications with a Certificate III in Business or Advanced Diploma in Business, opening doors to more advanced roles and opportunities.