The General English – Elementary to Advanced Level

(CRICOS Code 095058G/095059F/095060B/095054M/095055K)

This course is a component of a 5-level General English program. While the course can be delivered as a stand-alone program, it is designed to enable students’ progression from one level to the next.

20 hours in-class and 5 hours (Optional)

1-50 weeks (10 weeks per level)

The curriculum is designed to enhance the English language proficiency of international students and visitors travelling to Australia for the purpose of improving their general English proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The course is designed for students who already have basic proficiency in English that enables them to conduct basic transactional conversation and use the language in familiar environments, such as making basic purchases at shops and restaurants and using public transport.

It is expected that the course will build the students’ confidence and ability in using English language in a variety of transactional and social situations.

The course will enable students in improving their English language skills in both transactional and social situations.The course has been designed for international students for whom English may be a second or third language. Given the global demand for English language, the course will assist the development of students’ overall English proficiency utilising a task-based approach to language learning, with content covering, social situations, contemporary global issues and world culture.

Course Features

Duration: 50 Weeks





Skill Level

All levels




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