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Why Study the Hospitality Service Skill Set (AE381)

WA is recovering from COVID-19 and people are returning to restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, and cafés. As a result, the hospitality industry has a high demand for skilled workers is high1. So, if you want the essential skills and qualifications to start working for the lowest price possible, then you may be interested in our introductory Hospitality Service skill set which costs $0* in fees. Continue reading to learn more about the skills needed in hospitality industry and where to learn them.

Students can complete this fee-free* course thanks to Skills Ready, a funding program run by the state government’s Department of Training and Workforce Development.

*Note that this funding is only available for eligible students, including school leavers and job seekers. You can find the eligibility criteria at the end of this blog.

Here are our top three reasons to study the Hospitality Service skill set. We also asked one of our hospitality trainers, Nick, to tell us more about the course.

Hospitality service trainer nick uses the coffee machine

1. Equip Yourself for Employment

This skill set equips you with the fundamental qualifications and skills in hospitality industry – skills needed to be employable in the hospitality workforce. The course’s seven units were designed in collaboration with members of the hospitality industry to address these required skills. For example, the course comes with free barista training and RSA, or the responsible service of alcohol. In WA, ‘All bar staff, managers and licensees must be formally trained in responsible service’3. Instead of paying for RSA on its own, you could complete this fee-free skill set and earn the mandatory RSA qualification without paying.

'Some of the skills you’ll learn in the skill set is your food safety and COVID hygiene courses. We cover customer service, table service, all the essential skills like carrying three plates, which is very necessary to do good table service.

We also cover financial transactions, so using the tills and handling the
tills. And we cover RSA and Barista courses as well.'

Nick - Hospitality Trainer

2. Try the start of a full Qualification for $0 in Fees*

The skill set is also your chance to experience the start of a full qualification without committing to paying for it. Two of the seven units from this Hospitality Service skill set are taken directly from the core units of the Certificate III in Hospitality. You’ll be able to complete the units and discuss your career goals with the trainers, who have years of experience in the industry.

If you finish the three-week course and decide that the full qualification is not for you, you will still walk away with a fully accredited skill set. And, if you want to continue studying the full qualification, the units you have completed will cross over to your Certificate III in Hospitality as completed units, reducing the cost and duration of the course.

Working at a bar is a great example of hospitality service

3. Get Started in the Hospitality Service Industry

This skill set is particularly useful if you want to get back into the hospitality industry, or just get started. You will be able to pick up knowledge and techniques that are applicable across the hospitality industry.

This course will offer insight into hospitality in all venues. Whether you want to get into hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, pubs…


The thing I enjoy most about teaching this course is to see people come in with very few skills and walking out with a big smile on their face knowing that they do have the capability to go forwards and get a job in hospitality with an air of confidence about them.

Nick - Hospitality Trainer

How to get started with Hospitality Service

To learn more about the most attractive skills in hospitality industry or to sign up for the Hospitality Skill Set, fill out an enquiry form below. We can send you more details about the skill set or contact you for a one-on-one discussion about your personal study options.

Keep in mind that this skill set will only be fee-free for as long as the government continues to fund it. If you are interested, you can enquire to secure your spot.

We’ll help you create your tomorrow, today.

Eligibility Criteria

*To apply for a Job Ready skill set, you need to be an eligible student, i.e. someone who matches one or more of the following criteria. Click the button below for the criteria list.

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