Meet the Trainer – Kursten’s Interview

When our social media team posts about the trainers and their amazing stories, our Facebook and Instagram pages fill with likes and comments from past and current students. Last week, we posted a quick bio on one of our individual support trainers, Kursten. Within a couple of hours, past students had commented and thanked Kursten for her fantastic teaching.

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Kursten has been a trained nurse for 16 years. Today, she is a placement officer, connecting graduating students to ageing, disability, and home care employers. She is also teaching the Certificate III in Individual Support at our Bayswater campus.

A few weeks ago, we interviewed Kursten about her story and passion for Individual Support and Care. So, to celebrate an amazing trainer, we are bringing this story to the Sero community in blog form.

How did your health care career begin?

‘My career began in 2002 when I decided to go into nursing. My Mum was sick, and I thought I could make a difference.’


What do you like about working in health care?

‘It’s such a good feeling when you can help someone that is ill or just someone that doesn’t have anyone to talk to. I love working in health care especially in aged care.’

How did your work with Sero begin?

‘I started in September 2020 as a Placement Officer. I then earned my Trainer and Assessor Qualification thanks to encouragement from Dallas (Sero Institute’s Operating Manager).’

Trainer with Individual Support students

What do you like about the Certificate III in Individual Support?

The Certificate III in Individual Support teaches students that there is more caring than just talking to our elderly. The course shows how involved it is and how much help we can give to our elderly.   

We cover everything from assisting with daily living, which includes things like brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, all the way through to dressing and making beds.

We also teach students how to empower residents and clients to make their own decisions.

I’ve been a nurse for about 16 years. I have done everything from geriatrics, which is what I’m doing now, to paediatrics. I love sharing my knowledge and experience with other people. It’s inspiring when they enjoy caring and use my past experiences in their learning.

I also love watching people that come in with a passion for caring but are not sure where to go with it. In a few weeks, they’ve passed their assessments, they’ve done their 120 hours of work placement, and they’ve earned their qualification.

The feeling that you get when people come in and tell you that they’ve got a job, it’s just so exciting for me. I love it! It’s something that I’ve always liked doing and it’s something that I can see myself doing for a long time.

Do you have any success stories from these classes?

I’ve been involved in two classes. I’m a placement officer as well, so I work with all our students who go on placement. And I can tell you that over half of our students have been asked to come back or apply for positions with their placement facility. It’s amazing to see these people succeed. I am so happy that they’ve been able to do this.

Where can students work with this qualification?

This course opens doors to various roles. The most common one that you do after getting your Cert III is becoming an assistant in nursing, or an AIN, which is also known as a carer. This can also progress as a more advanced career, where you can become a Medication Confident. Facilities provide this training to their employees after they have worked there for a period.

Students can also progress into more training. This could lead to becoming an enrolled nurse. If you wanted to go even further, you could become an RN or Registered Nurse. The opportunities are amazing. Once you get into caring, it opens a whole world of things you can do.

Individual Support Students

Do you have any advice for someone thinking about joining the health care industry?

If you are compassionate and love working with the community and want to support, then go for it.  It is probably the most rewarding feeling to be able to advocate for someone that can’t advocate for themselves.


Kursten embodies the joy of caring for others.  We are honoured to have such an experienced and passionate trainer teaching our students.

If you would like to learn more about the Certificate III in individual Support, or the fee-free Entry into Care Roles, feel free to send us an enquiry. We’ll answer your questions and help you make your tomorrow, today.

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