Blockchain Courses (IT)

The aim of the program offering the Applied Blockchain qualification is to provide the student with the capacity to apply the technology in a specific application or business setting.

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Blockchain technology is a peer-to-peer network of trust that allows parties to transact without any intermediaries. All transactional records are recorded securely on a digital ledger and broadcasted to the network.

Once transactions are validated, they become immutable, being cryptographically hashed and chronologically added to the block, which is linked to the last block, forming a chain, hence the name Blockchain.

This is a promising and revolutionary technology, reducing risk, stamps or fraud in transactions and information, bringing transparency in a scalable way for infinite purposes.


10747NAT Advanced Diploma Of Applied Blockchain

The main goal for this course is delivering to students the ability to generate disruptive business models by applying blockchain technologies and using the “Blue Ocean Strategy” filters to strategic planning.

108049NAT Diploma Of Applied Blockchain

The course is intended in providing to students a range of knowledge and skills for generic and specific competencies to support them in gaining employment in applying blockchain technologies.

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