Commercial Cookery Courses for International Students

The most sought after stream of courses at Sero Institute. Our commercial cookery courses are extremely popular given a robust track record of placements.

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Cookery Courses for International Students

If you love nothing more than cooking up a storm or consider yourself quite the foodie, a career in commercial cookery might be the perfect choice. At SERO Institute, we offer several industry leading hospitality programs that will prepare you for a future in the industry, whether it’s to become a Sous chef or run a large hotel. Our cookery courses for international students will equip you with everything you need to know to run a successful kitchen and offers real world scenarios and work placement to guarantee a strong and rewarding career in the industry.

Discover why SERO cooking school graduates are quickly filling positions in the hospitality industry by enquiring about our cooking courses for international students today.

Cookery courses for international students

Our entry level cookery courses for international students will teach you everything you need to know to be a commercial cook and work in a range of hospitality organisations. Delivered by industry professionals, this program covers everything from hygiene practices for health and safety to food preparation, planning menus and working effectively as a cook.  

Designed for students who wish to manage a kitchen or their own food business, our Cert 4 cooking school program provides the skills and knowledge to operate successfully in the hospitality sector as a commercial cook – whether it’s in a restaurant kitchen, food outlet or hotels. This in-venue program provides students with real-world experience in kitchens and is delivered by industry-leading experts. Students will learn to prepare poultry, seafood, and pastry dishes, and well as learning managerial skills such as rostering staff and preparing budgets.

A career in hospitality can be very rewarding and exciting and offers plenty of different avenues and opportunities to explore. With an ever-increasing competitive market for jobs – especially in the hospitality industry – gaining a competitive edge with cookery courses for international students can be what ends up tilting the scales in your favour. This is especially important if you want to work your way into a managerial position in hospitality, which can take years to earn when working from the ground up. Made by industry leaders, this diploma will teach you everything from managing conflict and rostering staff to establishing and conducting business relationships.

Our cookery program will equip you with real world skills to fast track your development in the industry and on to becoming a leader in your chosen division. This accelerated culinary program will give you the practical skills of cooking with the tools needed to step up and make operational decisions in fast paced environments. Our Accelerated Culinary program also features work placement to help students advance in the industry after they graduate, resulting in a high level of students getting work within months of finishing the program.

Based on the Accelerated Culinary Program, this comprehensive cooking school program prepares students to manage a kitchen at a high standard. Our Executive Chef Training program is the most complete end to end cooking course we offer, covering everything from the basics of food preparation to developing business plans and monitoring staff performance. Students who graduate from this program are fully equipped to handle high pressure situations and leave the course completely industry ready.

Chef courses for international students

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