10747NAT Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain

The main goal for this course is delivering to students the ability to generate disruptive business models by applying blockchain technologies and using the “Blue Ocean Strategy” filters to strategic planning. Activate and build strategic networks that facilitate interoperability of the blockchain networks evaluating its performance and alignment to the planned business model.

Entry Requirements

  •  Age 18+
  •  IELTS 6.0 or Equivalent English Proficiency
  •  Completed Year 12 or equivalent

Course duration

78 weeks (64 Study weeks and 14 Holiday weeks)

Course Features





Skill Level

All levels




Unit 1.1: BLKEBF001 Establish a blockchain framework for decentralized peer to peer consensus and innovation

Unit 1.2: BLKDBM002 Develop a blockchain business model

Unit 1.3: BLKFRS003 Develop a blockchain network functional requirements specification

Unit 1.4: BLKSMC004 Create trust and activate a blockchain with smart contracts

Unit 1.5: BLKOBN005 Develop a framework for operating a blockchain network

Unit 1.6: BLKSNW006 Develop a strategic network framework for interoperability

Unit 1.7: BLKTBO007 Prepare the organisation for transitioning operations toa blockchain network

Unit 1.8: BLKPER010 Analyse performance of a business model deployed on a blockchain

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